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Welcome to AMBICO

Welcome to AMBICO’s local (Eastern Ontario) portal for door related products and services. For over 65-year history in the Ottawa area, AMBICO has grown and evolved its product offering in doors, door hardware and service to better serve its market. The company has also strategically reinvented itself, establishing the company’s name and reputation as a leader in the fabrication of specialty door assemblies in the global marketplace. All the while, the company has remained true to its Ottawa roots, and to supplying the contractors and local environs in Eastern Ontario at the heart of its success. AMBICO was founded in 1955 by brothers-in-law Israel Shinder and Emanuel Lightstone. Today the company is run by cousins-in-law Jack Shinder (son of Israel) and Judah Silverman (son-in-law of Emanuel).

Our Products

We have experience working on a wide variety of projects, including educational facilities, government projects, health care facilities, multi-tenant residential properties, commercial properties including restaurants, retail, theatres, casinos as well as office towers.

Product Sales

AMBICO Limited provides a wide array of building products from leading suppliers in the construction industry. For a complete list of the type of products we supply, visit our Product Sales page.


AMBICO Limited has a long history of supporting the sale of products with its own installation services. Our unionized carpenters have decades of experience and are supported by our outstanding sales and support staff.

Building Maintenance and Fire Certification

AMBICO team members are trained in local fire certification issues and are authorized to upgrade door openings in accordance with current fire code standards.

Monumental doors

“We have promoted, sold and serviced Special Lite’s  Monumental Doors for over a decade (even placing them on the front elevation of our own building). They look great and they weather Ottawa’s hot and cold temperatures with grace year in and year out.”

Our Partners