Architectural Door Hardware

We have experience working on a wide variety of projects, including educational facilities, government projects, health care facilities, multi-tenant residential properties, commercial properties including restaurants, retail, theatres, casinos as well as office towers. We provide a wide array of building products from leading suppliers in the construction industry. Explore our preferred vendors and their product offerings:

Special-Lite manufactures engineered architectural products, which includes commercial entrance systems, interior aluminum (Type II) framing with swing or sliding aluminum framed doors, and FRP restroom partitions.

Surelock McGill designs and manufactures a range of high performance, multi-threat physical security products. From multi-point locking systems that are suitable for use on fire-escape routes to cylinder guards that can withstand the most vicious of attacks, we are here to make your environment safe and secure.

Hadrian is a Canadian manufacture of quality toilet partitions. Hadrian was the first manufacturer to powder coat toilet partitions and has continued to embrace new technologies and materials in order to offer architects, designers and end-users more flexibility in design. Hadrian’s wide range of toilet partition products includes; powder coated metal, stainless steel, embossed stainless steel, and solid plastic.

A pioneer of the hardware products industry, Lawrence Hardware has a remarkable history of success and innovation. The company proudly traces its origins back to 1876 when the Lawrence Brothers, John and Edwin, bought part ownership in a hardware store. For more than 140 years, Lawrence Hardware has been firmly committed to being at the forefront of the markets that it serves.

Gensteel produces doors that are tough to the core by using the finest materials available, by constantly improving quality to offer doors and frames that last longer, developing their expertise, and by manufacturing products that exceed industry standards.

AMBICO’s manufacturing facility located in Ottawa, Canada, ensuring AMBICO’s expert technicians can meet large-volume contracts while also constructing every door with precision and craft. Our cutting-edge commissions include bullet-resistant doors, frames and windows; acoustic door and frame assemblies; and brass-clad doors and frames.