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Our History

Over its more than 60-year history in the Ottawa area, AMBICO has grown and evolved its product offering in doors, door hardware and service to better serve its market. The company has also strategically reinvented itself, establishing the company’s name and reputation as a leader in the fabrication of specialty door assemblies in the global marketplace. All the while, the company has remained true to its Ottawa roots, and to supplying the contractors and local environs in Eastern Ontario at the heart of its success. AMBICO was founded in 1955 by brothers-in-law Israel Shinder and Emanuel Lightstone. Today the company is run by cousins-in-law Jack Shinder (son of Israel) and Judah Silverman (son-in-law of Emanuel).

At its start, AMBICO was a distributor and installer of overhead doors that grew its product line to include ancillary products such as pressed steel door frames and then later, steel doors. By 1961 the company turned to manufacturing its own products, starting with door frames and then growing the line, as a way of providing more timely and reliable service to its clients.

In the 1980s the next generation came to the company and by 1988 had taken over operational control. By now the company had begun to manufacture specialized product such as acoustic door and frame assemblies, blast resistant doors and frames as well as stainless steel doors and frames to meet unique performance criteria, in order to meet the demands of its clientele.

In the early 90s the door and hardware industry was hit by both a consolidation of distribution companies and the external pressure of a deep recession. The company took this as an opportunity to strategize about the future of the company, its commitment to both local sales and internationally certified manufacturing, and in the end, to make the decision to develop a two-pronged business model that included a local sales, service and installation division, as well as specialized product manufacturing.

While the company continues to evolve its global presence and expertise in this specialized niche, focused on its Ottawa-based sales and service model and in particular to the customers and to the customers it began serving years ago. AMBICO maintains a full local distribution system, including a hardware counter ready to serve the local building trades. In addition, AMBICO’s qualified team, trained and insured, installs and services new or existing products on job sites throughout the region. The company’s work is warrantied and AMBICO provides preventive maintenance and service contracts on demand.

While AMBICO has grown dramatically in the past number of years, changing its strategic direction as markets demand and as the opportunity for specific products grow, it remains focused on its superior role etc in the local marketplace, to the vision of its founders, and to its commitment to the community of the Ottawa region.


1. Outstanding Service: We have offered unparalleled service and expert advice in the Ottawa area for over 60 years. Let our friendly, experienced team guide you through your next project!

2. Certified installers: We have a team of qualified carpenters/installers with expertise in the service and installation of the various products related to our industry. Our installers are rigorously trained and fully insured.

3. Competitive Pricing: We offer a wide selection of quality products related to the commercial door and hardware industry at competitive prices. Contact us for a quote today!

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