Architect Connect: A Quarterly Update from Ambico

We are delighted to introduce to you our quarterly newsletter. Our newsletter will showcase AMBICO staff, our agency cohorts, our architectural partners, and our range of distributors that form our customer base found in cities large and small throughout the continent and around the globe. The complex way in which we at AMBICO not only advance and manufacture our specialized door, frame and window products at the factory but the way in which we have, for over 65 years, developed a robust system to connect to the complex construction marketplace via an intricate web of accomplishments and relationships, we have found is of interest to many.

In this initial update, we’ll shed light on AMBICO’s door, frame, and window products and refer to the truly interesting projects that we have been involved with recently. From federal buildings that constitute symbols of government, to critical infrastructure such as hydroelectric facilities, to the prosaic K-12 buildings that form our regional landscapes as well as to colleges and universities that strive to create the best that our society has to offer. We never cease to be excited by the opportunity to cooperate with the professionals in our industry that strive to work with us in order to be a part of these demanding building projects around the world.

We sincerely thank you for the time that you will take in reviewing our newsletter and we welcome your feedback. Our contact information forms a part of the document and should you wish, we’d be pleased to communicate further with you on any questions that you choose to bring to our attention.

Jack Shinder

The AMBICO Solution

The AMBICO Solution showcases AMBICO products and the solutions they bring to architectural projects and designs.

Acoustic doors and windows

As we continue to live in an increasingly connected world, the value and importance of privacy have never been higher. That’s why AMBICO offers industry-leading acoustic solutions to provide privacy for occupants through our STC rated doors and windows. Our acoustic doors and windows offer the ideal solution for noise abatement where speech privacy is of top concern with STC 48 to STC 55 doors and windows that are ideal for meeting rooms, interrogation rooms, and courtrooms, as well as anywhere else in need of a higher level of noise abatement. As a leader in the specialized door market for over 65 years, AMBICO acoustic doors and windows are independently tested to ensure you’ve chosen the right doors for your next project. See our complete line of acoustic assemblies on our website.

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AMBICO in the World

AMBICO in the world looks at architectural projects throughout the world that used AMBICO products.

Designing and constructing a state-of-the-art public facility is no easy task. Expected to serve roughly 400,000 people a year for the next 75 years, the 356,831 square-foot Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe, Kansas needed reliable and durable opening solutions with outstanding performance ratings.

Working with American Direct and Joe Barber of Barber and Associates, AMBICOs local Reps, AMBICO manufactured and supplied close to 150 STC rated wood doors, a small number of which were designed and manufactured to match the wall paneling on the adjacent courtroom walls, and 50 STC rated steel doors. Barber’s firm worked closely with reps from American Direct and visited the job site on several occasions to work out details and concerns. Barber was instrumental in addressing site concerns and ensuring the finished product met the highest expectations.

Trusting AMBICO with manufacturing and supplying STC rated doors and assemblies for the Johnson County Courthouse means judges, lawyers, and the public will receive the utmost privacy during their time at the courthouse.

Products used:

AMBICO Extended Family

AMBICO Extended Family is a quarterly feature focusing on AMBICO rep agencies around the world.

This edition of the AMBICO Extended Family looks at New England Building Components based in Sharon, Massachusetts. A small agency of two employees, Dick Shiers and Ann O’Connell, New England Building Components regularly places in the top five for overall sales each year. Lead by Shiers, with over 30 years experience as a distributor and sub-contractor of building components, Shiers has a degree in architectural engineering and a superior knowledge of AMBICO products. The agency has provided rep services to AMBICO for over 20 years and recently provided his services to the construction of the Music Center at Indian Hill, an education and performance center, part of Indian Hill Music.

Working with AMBICO and New England Building Components, our distributor Kelley Bros supplied $130,000 worth of acoustic wood doors assemblies with STC ratings 45-52 for this project. The Music Center at Indian Hill is expected to open in 2021 and has seating for over 1000 people, which means thousands of people will experience the superior quality and craftsmanship of AMBICO acoustic wood doors each year as they enjoy the concerts at the Music Center at Indian Hill for many years to come. Dick’s team played a critical role in working with the design team on the specification, working with AMBICO and Kelley Bros through the bid and submittal phase and supporting the site during the installation.

AMBICO's CEU Courses

With the start of the new year, AMBICO has a variety of self-paced courses for architects to participate in to earn their AIA credit. Our CBGI certified Acoustic Doors and Green Design course examines the components, features, and the role of acoustic door assemblies in occupant comfort in workplace and school environments.

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